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  • A year on from EU-Turkey deal, refugees and migrants in This March, the EU-Turkey Deal celebrated its second year of implementation and official statistics show that it works. While in 2015, 856,723 refugees arrived in Greece, in 2016 arrivals were only 173,450 and in 2017 the numbers were remarkably low, as only 29,718 people reached the islands of the Aegean.
  • How the E.U.-Turkey Deal Came to Be — Refugees Deeply The EU-Turkey deal, agreed in March 2016, has shaped the European response to the refugee crisis - in both practical terms, and in principle. But what is it, and why does it matter?
  • UNHCR on the European Union and Turkey Deal turkey deal refugees The EU has unlocked €3 billion ($3.7 billion) for projects to help Syrian refugees in Turkey in a second payment from the 2016 migration deal. More than a million refugees have already benefited
  • The deal with Turkey: hard bargaining in Brussels over turkey deal refugees Under this deal, Turkey agreed to take back migrants who enter Greece, and send legal refugees to EU. In exchange, EU agreed to give Turkey six billion euros, and to allow visa-free travel for Turkish citizens by the end of June 2016 if Turkey meets 72 conditions. [63]
  • EU-Turkey deal continues cycle of containment and despair turkey deal refugees The EU deal with Turkey to tackle the migrant crisis formally comes into effect, but Greece warns moves designed to stem the flow across the Aegean will take time.
  • EU-Turkey refugee deal – Q&A | World news | The Guardian turkey deal refugees EU-Turkey refugee deal – Q&A This article is more than 3 years old European and Turkish leaders claim their ‘one in, one out’ deal will end the chaotic migration of refugees towards Europe.
  • The EU-Turkey deal: Europes year of shame | Amnesty turkey deal refugees However, the premise on which the deal was constructed – namely that Turkey is a safe place for refugees – was flawed. In the months following the deal, Greece’s asylum appeals committees ruled in many instances that Turkey does not provide effective protection for refugees.
  • Migrant crisis: EU-Turkey deal comes into effect - BBC News turkey deal refugees Turkey and the European Union last Friday announced a plan under which Syrian refugees and migrants arriving in Greece will be returned to Turkey. Turkey seems to have agreed to the terms and conditions, despite not all its demands having been met.
  • EU-Turkey deal two years after: the burden on refugees in turkey deal refugees Turkey is at the center of attention in Brussels in what EU leaders hope will be a turning point in the refugee and migrant crisis. Ankara treated to its very own EU summit with an enticing proposal: the EU would send back all new migrants in exchange for taking in the equivalent number of Syrian refuges already registered in Turkey.

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